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Featured Foundry

Toshi Omagari’s Tabular Type Foundry, dedicated to monospaced fonts — because, why not! 

Codelia for coding & more: 26 styles from $0
Code like nobody is watching — with Comic Code: 30 styles from $30
Tabulamore — a connected monospaced script available in rough and smooth variants: 10 styles from $24
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Featured Fonts

Glance Slab from Identity Letters – a slab serif with a twist.
Glance Slab: 7 styles from $29.00
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Palast, a gorgeous new family from HvD fonts — in Poster, Display, and Text variants.
Palast by HvD Fonts: 36 styles from $40
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Pandera, from Lazydogs, dedicated to communication and information.
Pandera by Lazydogs Typefoundry: 10 styles from $42
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