Welcome to issue #3 of our new Featured Fonts. This time we have some fantastic fonts for you – from workhorse sans serifs to a script that sings. But before we get started, I wanted to say thank you to all of you long-time followers and supporters of ILT, and to the recently converted :)  To show our appreciation, we’d like to give you 10% off any purchases from ILT Foundries+ for the next month. Just use the code: ILT-thanks

Let’s kick-off with today’s biggest featured family – in fact a sans and slab serif superfamily called Certo. Comes in plenty of weights, so that it's useful for everything from editorial design (think text and headings in magazines or on the Web) right through to a starring role in your next logotype or branding project. If you only have the budget for one of the families, then perhaps start with Certo (the slab serif). Test them both on ILT to get a feel for them. And that lowercase a – swoon!

Next up is a versatile & virtuoso sans serif by LucasFonts. Koning Display takes the thinner strokes in its letters and gives them a little twist. A great face if you're looking for something fresh for a branding or packaging project. Looks great in mixed case, but, in my opinion, really shines especially bright when set in all-caps. Standout letters: X and N! Also comes in 10 weights with italics. Although called Koning Display, the lighter weights perform very well in text.

From a sans in 20 weights and styles to a script in one. Skill, designed by Maximiliano Sproviero, is an incredibly energetic and compressed script – or at least compressed in the lowercase letters, a theme offset and complemented by gloriously lavish and broad capitals and some equally outlandish lowercase swash and terminal characters. Absolutely delicious. Skill is also featured in this week’s Featured Fonts header.

Foundry in focus

Simplebits, the alter-ego and brainchild of Dan Cederholm, founder of Dribbble, author, and type designer. Wondering where to start? Try my favorites, Parkly or Rotundo.

Hidden gems

Almost stencil

Glance Slab, from Identity Letters, sparkles in the details with its almost-Stencil look. Also has a great sans sibling.

Tea, pease!

Span, a beautifully designed serif from Jamie Clarke Type, that's happy in text and packs a punch in packaging. 

And here’s an example of Jamie Clarke’s Span in use for tea box packaging. Stunning, isn’t it!

Fonts showcase

We’ve added quite a few more designs to our new Fonts on Tape, a fun way to showcase the growing ILT library of fonts.

And, finally…

For those who’d like to save some money (everyone?) here’s a selection of some fonts with up to 50% off — for a limited time:

From LiebeFonts, 20% off Ulrike’s entire library (LiebeHeide is really popular right now; and at just $15.20 it’s an absolute steal). 25% off the entire Barnbrook Fonts library.  40% off the sumptuous Seventies script (now only $10.80). From exljbris Font Foundry, 50% off Museo Slab Rounded. And also 50% off the entire Intro superfamily from Fontfabric. 30% off Typetogether’s new geometric sans, Postea (also available as a variable font). And 50% off Jamie Clarke’s new Rig Sans.

Thanks for joining us today! We’ll see you later this month for our fun, inspiring, and informative monthly digest of type news, The Month in Type; and part two of Steven Heller’s Font of the Month. In the meantime, take care!

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