Welcome to issue #2 of our brand new and shiny Featured Fonts. It's that time of the year again. The holiday season is over and it’s back to work and back to school. We’re hoping you can all do that safely!

Let's jump straight in one of my new favorite sans serifs. And I’m in good company as the legendary designer, author and commentator Steven Heller, who now writes a Font of the Month column for ILT, chose Studio René Bieder’s Magnat family for the debut issue.

Take Magnat for a spin on ILT, and read Steven Heller’s Font of the Month to learn more.

Next up (and considering its name, perhap it should have come first in the list) is Fontfabric’s Intro, a versatile humanist sans with some flair in the details; plus some quirkier ones available via OpenType alternates. Ideal for everything from text to editorial, brand identities and packaging. (50% off all Intro fonts right now).

From a humanist sans to thoroughly grotesque, and HvD Fonts’ Americane, a lovely tribute to the early grotesques born from early wood-types. The range of weights lends it (and it’s not always so in grotesques) a certain versatility: In the light weights it feels quite crisp, clean and modern; in the heavier weights its woodtype pedigree really shines through (see this at play in the two images below!). Adding yet another string to your typographic bow is the condensed family. Hannes von Döhren has, without referencing any specific model, designed a very good and authentic grotesque in Americane.

JAF Peacock, from Just Another Foundry, is full of surprises. It runs the gamut from sober sans to wannabe script with  some script-like details (see the capitals, the letter f, and the lower story of the g, for example.  Ovoid, or gently squashed circles, give the rounded letterforms some bounce. And a sans serif with swashes, if I need them! Sign me up!

Foundry in focus

Type-o-tones, established way back in 1990, has a long track record of producing quality fonts. My pick for this week is their FinalSix family, a sans with tons of charming details. Big fan of that R and bell-shaped A! This family is crying out to be used in branding and packaging.

Hidden gems

Calligraphic prowess

Maximiliano Sproviero’s gorgeously calligraphic Fleur. Also available as an inline version.

See Fleur in action 👉🏽

Fat Face Beauty

A beautifully designed Fat Face family from the Lazydogs foundry. Love the numerals.

LD Moderne Antiqua Fat 👉🏽


Fonts showcase

Recently I've been thinking about ways to showcase some of my favorite fonts, and so after writing about vintage cassette tape covers in the recent Month in Type, this morning I made my own series of cassette tape covers. Fonts on Tape is very much a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy them or find some little inspiration in them. I’ll be adding many more. On desktop, just hover over a card to see the flip-side and info about the fonts I’ve used in the designs.

And, finally…

Just in case you like the idea of saving some money, then here are some fonts with up to 50% off — for a limited time:

25% off the entire Barnbrook Fonts library (Don’t know where to start? Try Bourgeois Rounded). 30% off Messanges (I particularly like Messanges Small). From LiebeFonts, 20% of Ulrike’s entire library (LiebeHeide is hot right now). 40% off the retro or vintage script, Armstrong. And ArabicType has 50% off everything. From exljbris Font Foundry, 50% off the new Museo Slab Rounded. 25% off Retype’s Kranto family. Half price for the brand-new Modal (includes a backslant style!).  20% off Typofonderie's racey Airco and the same discount for LD Genzsch Antiqua. From Typetogether, 30% off the great new geometric sans, Postea.

Thanks for joining me today! See you later this month for our world-famous monthly digest of type news, The Month in Type. Until then, please be safe.

John & the ILT team
I Love Typography
ps: if you ever need help choosing fonts, don’t fret – email us!

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