Welcome to our first Featured Fonts newsletter. It’s been just over a month since we launched ILT 2.0 and our brand new font store. We have lots more planned, including many new fonts and foundry partners, plus a great deal more blog content, including regular columns and articles by industry experts (more on that soon!) Oh, and on Saturday, ILT turned 14 (more about that below!). But before I get all sentimental, let’s jump straight into our Featured Fonts.

New fonts on the block

Truly, Madley…

Kimmy Kirkwood, of Kimmy Design Co fame, specialises in display typefaces, but the brand new Madley confidently saunters into the text face category. Teardrop terminals, very delicately bracketed slab serifs and subtly rounded terminals soften those otherwise sharp edges and corners, taking away some of the sparkle that can prove a distraction in a text faces. But it wouldn’t feel like one of Kimmy’s typefaces if it didn’t also excel in display settings. To make that happen Madley has stylistic alternates and swashes, instantly turning this pacific text typeface into a beautiful riot. An instant favorite slab serif in the making. Available in six weights from Hairline to Black.


Doing the twist with Modal

A sprightly humanist sans with a twist and a stencil version. Modal, designed by Igor Labudovic for Schriftlabor is a family running the gamut from sensible-shoes text face to out-there display — especially with its quirky but cool backslant fonts. Why would you need a backslant? First, why not; second, in display settings, it’s yet another tool in your toolbox of typographic hierarchy — and yet another way to emphasize or bring attention to a word or phrase. Modal is especially suited to packaging, branding, and editorial design. The text weights would also work really well on the web (webfonts are available).

Magnificent Magnat

Magnat from Studio René Bieder is a very special sans serif in three cuts, Text, Head, and Poster. The Poster cut exhibits extreme contrast and looks fantastic at large sizes. Standout letters like the stunning lowercase g, and a large number of weights (all with italics), make this family great for your next branding or editorial design project. Read more about Magnat in Fonts in the Twilight Zone on the ILT blog. And test-drive Magnat on ILT.

Foundry in focus

Fontfabric’s clients include the likes of Nike, Lipton, CNET, and Hyundai. I spoke with founder Svetoslav Simov, and Type Director Plamen Motev about how they got started, how they work, and what makes them tick; and the release of their new typeface Audela. Read all about it on the blog in our interview with the Fontfabric team.
Pssst! the Audela Extralight font is free!

Hidden gems

Let me introduce you to a couple of my personal favorites, Armstrong and Kranto Inline. I played with these two faces recently while writing an article about Typographic Voice, and how some typefaces have very specific connotations. For example, Armstrong is a connected script reminiscent of twentieth-century chromeography, and immediately brings to mind vintage automotive. Sometimes the connotation is a little less explicit. Kranto Inline is one of those: for me, it elicits sport: the inline, especially the italic fonts, bring to my mind a race track or the lanes of a swimming pool. For you, it might say something else.

Medal contender

Kranto features a set of Olympian inline caps (25% off)

Run with Kranto 👉🏽

Race winner

Where vintage fonts meet vintage automotive.

Test drive Armstrong 👉🏽


Happy birthday!

Finally, in celebration of ILT’s 14th birthday, we have some birthday discounts: From Identity Letters, there’s 50% off Werksatz, Allrounder Grotesk, and both Kisba Nova families! From Typetogether, 30% of their all-new geometric sans, Postea — the regular fonts and the variable fonts. From LiebeFonts, 20% of Ulrike’s entire library. And ArabicType has 50% off everything. From exljbris Font Foundry, 50% off the new Museo Slab Rounded. And 25% off Retype’s Kranto family.

Thanks for joining me today! See you later this month for our world-famous monthly digest of type news, The Month in Type. Until then, be safe.

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