What a month! Unless you’ve been off-planet for a while, you’ll know that you can now shop for fonts on ILT. If you did miss it, then take a look at our Launch newsletter! However, now that you can license fonts on ILT has no effect on this our Month in Type newsletter which will remain as it always has — the best roundup of the best in type news and new typefaces. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s begin with some inspiration from the streets. Still one of my favorite vernacular type and lettering accounts: 

As a huge pencil fan, I love this. Although I admit that I hadn’t before paid much attention to the actual typography of pencils. There are always details waiting for us to notice them:

From pencils to steel nibs and calligraphy. Want to learn Roundhand? Here’s an online course from one of the best:

 The font rental service FontStand has launched a news channel, starting out with some excellent articles:

Kris Sowersby’s book, The Art of Letters, available now from Formist Editions:

From the Design Matters archives: Brilliance interviewing brilliance: Debbie Millman talks with Louise Fili:

OHNO Radio: James Edmondson chats with type designer Flavia Zimbardi:

A great interview with award-winning Swiss type designer Nina Stoessinger on life and work in New York. (Photo of Nina: Andrew Lichtenstein):

An interview with Jason Ramirez, Art Director at Viking/Penguin Books in New York City.

Congratulations to 2021 Malee Scholar winner, Sandra Morales! Read the interview on Sharp Type (sponsor of the program).

Ella: The Typographic Link between Calligraphy & Brutalism with Laura Meseguer:

Oliver is back with another episode – this time on how to effectively combine typefaces:

And while we’re with video, ILT now has a Youtube channel. We’re just getting started, but subscribe to stay in the loop.

An interesting case study on the typographic overhaul of Starbucks.
Also nice to see Starbucks devoting some space to their new type in this modern-day digital colophon:

On the socials

Check out the Instagram of Túlio Cerquize. Some fantastic work; especially the book covers! [ht @typedirectorsclub]

These beautifully reimagined book covers by Beasts of England. Find them on Instagram. And check out the fonts used on the covers. I’ll be doing something similar on the blog, soon!

New Fonts

A significant update to Hypertype’s lovely workhorse sans, Neutronic. Also available in Hangul.

Clément le Tulle-Neyret recently released the text face, Immortel. The naming of the four variants is interesting as it follows the four humors of Hippocratic medicine, and their association with particular character traits. Immortel, which draws inspiration from typefaces of the 15th, 16th and 18th centuries, is available in our century from 205TF.

Clément has written a very detailed account of his research and process for the Immortel font family. Well worth reading.

New on the blog

In episode #1 one of my new Ask ILT series, I answered, What’s the difference between Grotesque and Neo-Grotesque? In episode two we ask, Why do fashion brands and magazines use so much Bodoni & Didot?

New Fonts on ILT

Poly, designed by Igor Labudovic for Schriftlabor, is a thoroughly charming, sparkling, and sturdy wedge serif that’s ideal for display, punchy headlines, and packaging.

Kimmy Kirkwood, of Kimmy Design Co fame, specialises in display typefaces, but the brand new Madley confidently saunters into the text face category. A beautifully crafted slab serif typeface that takes the best features of the Clarendons. Teardrop terminals, very delicately bracketed slab serifs and subtly rounded terminals soften those otherwise sharp edges and corners, taking away some of the sparkle that can prove a distraction in a text faces. But it wouldn’t feel like one of Kimmy’s typefaces if it didn't also excel in display settings. To make that happen Madley has stylistic alternates and swashes, instantly turning this calm text typeface into a beautiful riot.

Find more new typefaces in out Launch Newsletter.
Thanks for tuning in. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Month in Type. Stay safe everyone! And be sure to share the love:
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