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My Favorite Typefaces of 2020

I had intended to publish my entire Favorite Typefaces of 2020 list in this very email newsletter, but it soon outgrew it and, to be frank, an email newsletter is not the best venue for showcasing lots of large type specimens.  So, here's a small taste of the list. For the full list, with dozens of beautiful and bold specimens, head on over to ILT.

What a year! Twenty-twenty was certainly a memorable eighteen months. Thank goodness it's behind us. It was also a tough year for small business, including many independent type foundries and type designers. I know that some have been hit especially hard by both financial and health concerns. It’s my hope that 2021 will be kinder, fairer, and altogether less ... eventful.
Discover what this ice-cream cone has to do with fonts and Ale Paul.
This year I've changed the format of the list. In addition to a primary list of ten favorites with commentaries, I've added a long list of Honorable Mentions, and even a section of my favorite 25 glyphs or characters from typefaces released in 2020. I also explain a little about my selection process in a short section headed, HAL & the Latin Elephant in the Room.
Just  a few of the 25 favorite glyphs of 2020. For the full list, go to ILT
In addition to bringing back this annual Favorite Typefaces List, we're also going to get back to sending a monthly newsletter of the best in type news, from newly released types, typographic trends, and the best new designers. We will also be giving away hundreds moire fonts, so stay tuned. The February newsletter will land in mailboxes on February 9. Have a great 2021!

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