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So, let’s get stuck in:

You might be too young to remember these. But in the old days (so I’m told) we used tape cassettes for everything — from playing movies and music, to loading games on our ZX Spectrums! Whether you remember or not, you’re sure to love this collection of cassette designs:

And there’s a Tumblr blog devoted entirely to retail VHS cassette packaging. Their archive page is a good place to start.

If you’d like to play with some of your own designs, there’s a very cool free and high-res,Photoshop cassette tape mockup available over at Pixpine. Here’s one I made in under 5 minutes featuring the classical Allrounder Monument and the thoroughly metal Fleisch.

There’s much more inspiration to be found in this archive of Russian textbooks. The website is straight out of the 1990s – and in Russian – but with Google Translate and some patience, you’ll discover some real gems! [ht Present & Correct]

New Fonts

Megazoid, scoring points both for the name and the design. Available from David Jonathan Ross’s Font of the Month Club.

Super-talented Australian designer and illustrator, Travis Price hits a homerun with Dragster:

Some delicious letters from Sugarshop. Available from Future Fonts.

New from Shinntype is the gorgeous Dair.

The Li Beirut fonts are available on ILT. More than 300 glyphs drawn by 161 designers from around the world. All proceeds go charity!


A brief history of movie titles.
This year’s Typecon conference is going virtual. It starts on October 21. Advance pricing available until September 6th!


The Stealthy Politics of Urban Advertising, by Samuel Holleran, is well worth your time. [ht @zeldman]

An interview with Vratislav Pecka, better known as PosterLad.

The Most Prolific Designer You’ve Never Known. Steven Heller writes about the incredible talent that is Joseph Caroff who turned 100 years old on August 18. Spoiler alert: He designed the James Bond 007 gun logo!

The Letterform Archive has an inspiring Twitter stream, but it's really easy to miss some of their great posts. To remedy that, they’ve now begun gathering the best stuff into short posts. Great stuff!

An incredibly popular post from the ILT archives: Point, don’t point – A brief history of that pointed finger (or manicule).


Debbie Millman interviews illustrator and designer Carly Kuhn for the latest edition of everyone’s favorite design podcast, Design Matters.

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Want to start making your own fonts? How about this 10-day Type Design Course taught by Viktor Baltus & Ulrike Rausch of LiebeFonts (and designer of LiebeHeide)! But hurry – course starts on August 30.

Fonts in the wild

Seabell Studio making great use of Simplebits’s Parkly.

The August edition of the Month in Type is brought to you by the letter g.

This beautiful two-storey specimen is from the late-great Gerard Unger’s Alverata font family.

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Fonts featured in the header are Madelyn & Parkly.

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