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New fonts

So what's up? How about we start with some recent typeface releases. I've had my eye on this work in progress from Blazetype for quite a while. Now it's ready to license. I have a soft spot for good contemporary blackletter types, and Emeritus is an excellent addition to the modern gothic canon.

New from P22 foundry is Milton Glaser's layer typeface, Houdini. It even includes an invisible font, Glaser Houdini Vanished.

Yet another home run from Sharp Type. This time the fabulous Salter. Gorgeous isn't it!

Blast foundry presents Granblue. And if it's not crazy enough for you, it's also a variable font. Fun stuff. Available from Future Fonts.

A nod to Garamond and French Renaissance fonts in Chassi, new from R-typography.

And continuing our theme of beautiful French types, meet the remarkable Altesse, new from Typofonderie. Exceptional!
Talking of French fonts, you might enjoy reading Granjon's Beautiful Bastard and Death of a Typeface on the blog.

New from Sudtipos is the 27-style Regional.

Font archive

With so many great new typefaces being released, it's easy to forget some of the really good older ones. Here's my pick for this month's Type from the archive, Carmen Fiesta from Typerepublic.

Recommended reading

Award-winning type designer Toshi Omagari writes an informative and insightful piece in Ink traps and pals.

Read about the oldest item in the Letterform Archive, a small 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablet:

Type designer Henning Skibbe asks, How similar do font family resemblances need to be?

How are you when it comes to choosing colors for your designs? I'm dreadful! This is a great intro to the topic: A beginner's guide to applying color in UI design.
Craig Eliason's thought-provoking Type Design in the Museum: Acquiring the Immaterial.

Fonts in Focus is back with a third issue. This time I take a closer look at the weird but wonderful Louche. Another Fonts in Focus is coming soon!


Love the process here. It's pretty much how I organize my long-form / book writing. I'm a huge fan of index cards, and as I already spend so much time in front of a screen, anything that takes me away from it is a godsend.
An interesting angle in Waste is a Design problem:
Typesetting Trains by Laurence Penny:
Research-based practice in designing type for South Asian scripts by Dr Fiona Ross:

Equal parts brilliant and fascinating is Lynne Yun's The History and Art of Flourishing:
And if you enjoyed that, you might also enjoy reading The Writing Mistress over on the ILT blog – one of the most popular posts of 2020.

Side salads & serifs as shoes: Diana Varma interviews Dr Nadine Chahine on the making of Zapfino Arabic. Packed with insights and wisdom. Oh, and by no means limited to Arabic type design.
And another great interview with type designer Kimya Gandhi.
Fast Food Franchises Repackage Indulgence With Fresh Branding:

And these plates, far too nice for fast food, by Ruan Hoffmann:
Lettering by Yusril Muhtadi

It's time for the annual 36 Days of Type. I've been sharing some of my favorite letters too. Be sure to follow ILT on Instagram.

Architype: Where type meets architecture: 

Mon dieu! Garamond is in a little legal trouble. But then that begs the question, which Garamond?

Not only is Martina Flor a brilliant lettering artist, but she's an exceptional teacher too. Her new course, The Lettering Seminar, is open for registration from April 20.

Something fun and brilliant to conclude with. Absolutely love the work of Martha Rich:


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